Money and Finance Education for Women
By Sheila Follow | Public

Managing money involves knowing simple things like budgeting and the proper use of credit cards to the more complicated topics of investments including hot button trends like Block chain and cryptocurrency. According to a Standard and Poor's Global Financial Survey conducted in 140 countries involving 150,000 respondents, only 52% of women were financially literate compared to 67% of women. This was despite women making up majority of university graduates.

Understanding how to save, prioritising expenditures, while still enjoying life should be a skill that all women should know. "Credit card debt is one of the fastest growing category of consumer debt", according to Value Penguin citing data from the Department of Statistics Singapore. "The mean credit card debt per Singaporean households is approximately S$1,926. Average car loan per capita was about S$1,725 as of 31 Dec 2016. The average debt of a Singaporean household was about S$55,112 per capita as of 31 Dec 2016, up roughly 3% from its level in 2015."

Women and money: How do we manage personal finance, volatility, international moves, multi-national partners, changes in relationships, philanthropy and the impact these have on our well-being? The challenges and risks when dealing with the curly corners that can create problems down the track. (This is not about portfolio management – it is about the mindset of managing money.)

We will talk money and life rather than technical details. This series welcomes any woman who wants to get on top of these questions as part of a group who meets to explore (our speaker), reflect (our discussion) and act (individual choice). Part growth, part support, this group is for you.

Topics we will focus on:

Managing careers: How do we as individuals navigate, engage, mentor, network, grow, (re)join or exit workplace as companies restructure, work relocates, children grow, parents age and our interests change? The choices, implications and issues faced by each of us as our life changes and personal and financial needs change. (This is not about career management, this is about navigating the shifting sands of life.)

The world around us: Exploring 'the major shifts’ that we may face personally and professionally as macro economic trends and long term perspectives change. How do we make the most of opportunities? How do we protect ourselves from the down side? The big picture of our world influences where it is best to be. (This is about knowledge and directions, not about stock picking.)

The events are hosted by PrimeTime Business and Professional Women's Association, a not-for-profit organisation registered with the Registry of Societies in Singapore. The event fees only cover the cost of catering and venue hire as each event is designed to break-even.